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Panda Play Personal Checks

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Duplicates - 100 Checks Per Box
Singles - 125 Checks Per Box


Guard your personal checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000 for only $3.25 per box of checks ordered. Click for details


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Panda Personal Checks - These lighthearted Panda personal checks are really delightful. The Panda Bear or Giant Panda is classified as an Endangered species and even though experts believe that it has had some success in coming back, it is still closely watched an protected. The Panda is native to central-western and south western China and lives in a few mountain ranges as well as captivity inside of China and throughout the world. And even though the dragon is China's national emblem, the Panda is widely used and continues to be a symbol associated with China.

Personal Checks Singles Duplicates
Pads per box 5 5
Checks per pad 25 20
Checks per box 125 100
What's Included with order: 20 Deposit Tickets & 1 Transaction Register
Delivery Options
Orders are usually produced within 72 hours upon receipt of payment and necessary information.
Delivery Method Delivery Time Features
Overnight 4-5 business days trackable, secure
2 Day 5-6 business days trackable, secure
Ground 6-9 business days trackable, secure
Basic 6-10 business days delivery confirmation
Bulk Mail 12-21 business days not trackable not secure
In-Plant Rush 2 days faster priority printing
Check Options
Check Options Singles
Typestyles 7 Typestyles
Stock Logos Over 50 Choices
Monograms Two Styles

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