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Personal Checks

Ordering Personalized Checks Online Made Easy

Checks are still the easiest and most secure way to pay your bills and cover expenses while keeping a close eye on your spending. Studies show you spend less money when you use cash or a personal check than when you use a debit or credit card — and writing a check makes it easier for you to keep track of what you've spent.

You don't have to limit yourself to the dull green or blue safety checks your bank issues by default. When you buy personal checks online, you can choose from an astounding range of colorful and creative designs and motifs perfect for every personality, occasion and time of year.

Make a Statement With Your Checks

What sorts of things are you interested in? At, we offer the largest selection of personal check designs in the United States, so no matter where your personal tastes lie, we're guaranteed to have a check design you'll love. Maybe you'd like one of our bestselling check designs, like:

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When you order personal checks online with, you're free to choose the check design that best reflects your personality, hobbies, favorite vacation spots, pets or activities. Choose a fun, funky design or one that shows the world your love for animals, fashion, art or architecture.

You can even express your political opinions through your personal check design, or order birthday and holiday-themed checks to give gifts that extra touch of something special. Best of all, you can order creative personal checks online for cheap, no matter what design catches your eye.

Purchase Personal Checks Online

Ordering personal checks online has never been easier, and with your checks can arrive safe and sound in a manner of days. You have your choice of top tear or side tear checks, and single, duplicate or top stub personal checks to help you keep track of your checking account spending in the way that makes most sense to you.

Order up to eight boxes of single or duplicate personalized checks online, and choose from seven optional font styles, more than 50 stock logo choices and two different monogram styles. Check orders are printed within five days of payment and secure, trackable shipping is available. You can even protect your personal checks from forgery, alteration and all other types of identity theft and fraud with EZShield Check Fraud Protection. Browse through our huge inventory and order your own personalized checks today!