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Beach Scene Personal Checks Make Every Shopping Trip a Vacation

Life's a beach - and you can let everyone know it when you order our personalized beach checks. We have dozens of gorgeous beach-themed designs to choose from. There's no reason why you can't get away from it all every time you pull out your checkbook with one of our many beach-themed check designs. Choose from:

Our check designs are just as interesting and diverse as you are! What’s your favorite thing about the beach? See it every time you open your checkbook to write a personal check.

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Purchasing Power Wherever You Go

Even in this day and age, many small businesses still don't accept credit or debit cards. In fact, a 2012 Intuit GoPayment survey found that a full 55 percent of American small businesses don't accept cards as a form of payment. Many of them don’t want to pay the fees associated with processing credit card payments. But most of these businesses will accept your personal check.

Have you ever tried to pay for something with a credit card and been told you’d be assessed an outrageous fee for the “convenience” of paying with plastic? That’s not very convenient! It's so much easier to just write a check instead — especially when you want to pay bills through the mail instead of in person or online. And with our beach personal checks, it's fun too!

Security and Practicality

You already know you shouldn't carry large amounts of cash. If you lose your wallet — or if it gets stolen — your cash will be the first thing to go. A thief could even get away with using your debit or credit card to make purchases. But it’s harder to do that with a check.

Express Yourself with Beach Scene Checks

Checks are still the preferred method of payment for many people looking for an easier way to keep track of their finances, rein in their spending and protect themselves from fraudulent debit and credit card charges. But who wants to use those boring blue checks issued by banks? For that matter, who wants to pay bank prices for a box of personal checks?

You express yourself through your clothes, your hair, your accessories, even through your home and car. Now you can express yourself through your personal checks, too.

Don't pay full price for humdrum checks. Show your affinity for the sand and surf with affordable customized beach personal checks from With a range of styles and designs to choose from, we have a personal check for every beach lover under the sun. Order now to bring a little vacation into your shopping trips!